The incredible Nadir’s world

26 febbraio 2017

Di Nadir Durand –

Doodle&Art book presents a series of beautiful practical colouring books for Kids & Adults realized by the Italian artist Nadir Durand. Art Therapy helps you heal yourself by getting creative; the Art of Meditative Drawing brings deep relaxation! A nice adventure and a beautiful creative gift for intrepid & boundlessly patient artist. For ages 6 to 125…This is the first volume of two!!


Mario Nadir Durand is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer born in the wonderful city of Bergamo. As a self-made illustrator he developed a particular love for costume and military uniforms. Now he counts with a large amount of history books for kids and adults.


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The incredible Nadir's world

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  • Cod. DOO-001
  • Di Nadir Durand
  • Febbraio 2017
  • Versione paperback
  • 9,99 €


  • Lingua: Italiano & English
  • ISBN 978-8893271981
  • Pagine 58
  • 8

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